The French-Canadian film 'Starbuck,' written and directed by Ken Scott, was recently acquired by DreamWorks for an American remake also written and directed by Ken Scott, and they've just signed on their leading man: Vince Vaughn.

According to Variety, Vaughn will play the lead role of a man who discovers that he's fathered over 500 children thanks to some hefty sperm donations. Now middle-aged, a few hundred of those kids want to meet the man responsible for their existence.

The original film was a huge hit in Canada, raking in $3.5 million in the box office (that's a lot of money to those Canucks) and earning several awards and accolades, including the Golden Reel award for highest box office at the Genie Awards, Canada's answer to the Oscars.

The studio is pushing for Scott to begin production before the end of this year, either because they believe 'Starbuck' is going to be huge or because they're trying to hurry before Vaughn runs out of quippy one-liners and needs a nap.

It's a busy year for Vaughn, who is also starring alongside Owen Wilson in Shawn Levy's 'Interns,' filming this summer.