They’ve each anchored their own action franchises, be it ‘Taken’ or ‘Shooter.’ But the tantalizing thought of teaming Liam Neeson with Mark Wahlberg for a long-in-development adaptation of William Gibson’s ‘Neuromancer’ has action junkies chomping at the bit … and rightfully so.

MovieHole breaks the news that director Vincenzo Natali (‘Cypher,’ ‘Splice’) seeks both stars for his take on Gibson’s 1984 classic, the story of a hacker hired by a mysterious corporation to pull of a controversial job. The involvement of producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura – who has worked with Wahlberg on various projects – could help pair these screen titans for the ‘Neuromancer’ job.

The book’s a celebrated work of cyberpunk fiction. Upon its release, it claimed a number of high-profile awards, including the Philip K. Dick Award and the Hugo Award. ‘Neuromancer’ launches what became the ‘Sprawl’ trilogy, and so if an adaptation finds an audience, subsequent films easily could follow.

MovieHole says that while offers are out to Neeson and Wahlberg, nobody has signed anything yet. It’s believed ‘Neuromancer’ would target a 2014 release date, giving Natali time to finish ‘Haunter,’ which he recently wrapped with Abigail Breslin and Stephen McHattie.

If plans lock in, Wahlberg would play Case, the extremely gifted computer hacker, while Neeson would star as Armitage, the complex character tasked with recruiting Case for a secretive mission. To reveal more would be to spoil but for now, what do you think of the potential casting?

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