Norman Reedus stole the hearts of fans everywhere through his character Daryl on 'The Walking Dead,' not to mention women everywhere melted when they saw his paternal instincts with lil' baby "Ass Kicker" last season, but could the star become a blockbuster sensation with a role in 'The Crow' reboot?

According to Schmoes Know, Reedus is the top choice to play the currently unknown character of James. Luke Evans ('Fast and Furious 6,' 'Immortals') will star as the new Eric Draven, played by Brandon Lee in the 1994 original.

The story, created by James O'Barr in his well-known comic book, follows rocker Eric Draven who is murdered along with his fiancee. After being resurrected as The Crow, he seeks vengeance against those that committed such a crime. F. Javier Gutierrez is directing the latest remake, and O'Barr himself has been brought on as a consultant for the picture.

If all goes well for Reedus, this could potentially prove to be another breakout moment for the star. Although 'The Walking Dead' is one of the biggest shows on TV, the stars themselves haven't experienced much recent fame outside of the small screen. Reedus has a long line of supporting credits in films, like in the Wesley Snipes-led 'Blade II,' and he headlined 'The Boondock Saints' films along with Sean Patrick Flannery. But considering his clout with 'The Walking Dead,' might he see a revitalized career on the silver screen?