The Walking Dead isn’t generally known for post-credits scenes (few shows place them literally after the credits anyway), so you’d be forgiven to have missed the midseason finale “Hearts Still Beating” stinger. Come, join our wild speculation about those mysterious boots with a closer look at AMC’s official debut of the scene online.

As we saw in mid-December, the very last Walking Dead scene of 2016 picked up with that mysterious figure following Rick and Aaron from the survivalist’s boat, and his or her snazzy boots. Somehow, said watcher was clever enough to follow the pair all the way to Alexandria; spying on Gabriel for a hot second before taking their boots elsewhere.

Mind you, many have been keen to point out the binoculars as a nod toward Dwight being the mystery-watcher, as a similar pair was visible in Dwight’s bedroom back at the sanctuary (it’s definitively Dwight’s room; the carvings Daryl saw were seen with Dwight back in “The Cell”):

The Walking Dead Dwight Binoculars
Gene Page/AMC

Then again, unless Dwight has a separate pair of boots for long-distance skulking, that fancy pattern is absent from his feet:

The Walking Dead Dwight Boots
AMC / ScreenCrush

We’ve checked around with every available photo, and none of the existing suspects appear to be wearing that particular style of boot, but if we had to guess? Carol would probably have good reason to check in on Alexandria without anyone’s knowledge, and these could certainly fit the wrap-around lace profile.

The Walking Dead Carol Boots
AMC / ScreenCrush

As audible in the video above, here’s what Robert Kirkman had to say of the mysterious figure:

I really wish I could tell you. All I can say is that those boots, you’ll definitely recognize those from earlier—they’re connected to that boat scene—and you know, that’s a big part of what we’re dealing with when we come back next half of the season, so we’ll be revealing that soon. It’s going to be a great half season.

There’s plenty more to tease as The Walking Dead prepares to “Rise Up” in its February 12 premiere, so stay tuned for more on the second half of Season 7 as it arrives.

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