Long before The Walking Dead announced that Jeffrey Dean Morgan would take up the bat as the iconic Negan, fans repeatedly questioned how any adaptation would do justice to the villain’s pottymouth. We got a taste with the Season 6 finale, along with promises a more accurate version would arrive on Blu-ray, and early word suggests the scene is every bit as vulgar as you hope.

The Hollywood Reporter got an early look at the uncensored version of Negan’s entrance from the Season 6 Blu-ray, an alternate cut of the final scene from “Last Day on Earth.” In it, the bat-wielding villain drops the F-bomb no less than 23 times, even working in the memorable “I am gonna beat the holy f— f—ing f—ety f— out of one of you.”

The same may not hold true of Season 7, given the cost and time consumption of shooting each and every Negan scene with alternate takes, but star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has previously spoken to utilizing plenty of profanity on-set, often to get a reaction from his scene partners:

Now, what we do with Negan is we have to film a TV version. I still am allowed a couple swear words, I can drop them in there here and there, and then we do what we call the - I can’t even say it - the “F-take,” where I just let loose, and I let loose a lot when I am off-camera, like if I’m working with other actors for their coverage. When the camera’s on them, I will just let words fly … and some are scripted, and some are just in character.

You can pick up the Walking Dead Season 6 Blu-ray or DVD on August 23, but will Negan inevitably lack his trademark bite on TV?

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