It's that horrible time of the year when 'The Walking Dead' hasn't truly begun picking up the pace toward shooting its next season, one of the long, and lonely stretches we face in anticipation of its likely October debut.  But just because the dead haven't shambled their way on set, doesn't mean juicy new details won't bleed out!

Season 2 of 'The Walking Dead' left on a rather shocking note, as the audience was introduced to several new developments to chew on, not only the introduction of sword-wielding bad-ass Michonne, but the ominous prison facility seen looming over the survivors at the conclusion of "Beside the Dying Fire."  So what else is on the horizon for 'The Walking Dead' Season 3?

Though filming won't officially commence until some time in May, Daily Dead reports from the south indicate that several portions of Senoia,   Georgia are being outfitted to resemble the zombie apocalypse, but toward specific purpose.  It's believed that the Senoia set will stand in for "Woodbury," which fans of the comics know to be the town famous villain The Governor presided over against our survivors at the prison.

We know that British thesp David Morrissey will take the villainous role of The Governor, first appearing in the premiere of 'The Walking Dead's third season, though it remains unclear how the structure of the new force to oppose the AMC group operates.  Second season character Randall (Michael Zegen) seemed to indicate that his well-armed group of survivors held camp somewhere off the highway, describing them as a "tough bunch of guys," not mentioning any kind of central leader.

Though they're certainly positioned as such, it's not yet known if this mysterious other group is in fact intended to be Woodbury, which in the books maintained a more urban locale and contained plenty of women and children as well.  Says the report from the set:

While there has been some ‘Walking Dead’ filming in Senoia in the past, the town is becoming a regular setting this season. ‘Senoia will become a town that is a sanctuary from the zombie apocalypse,’ Riley said. In the series, the town will be a place cordoned off from the zombie infested world outside. ‘You’re in a safe environment, If you’re outside it, you’re not,’ Riley said. He said the town will be governed by ‘a benevolent dictator.’

The television crew will ‘build a temporary, movable perimeter wall,’ Riley explained. Portions of Travis and Main streets will be closed to traffic at times during scenes that show the wall.

‘It will look like a gate’ made from ‘various paraphernalia — old tires, doors,’ Riley said. The wall will be made so that is can be stored between episodes. Some episodes may be almost entirely filmed in Senoia, and it is possible one or more episode might not be filmed in the town at all.

Cast and crew will arrive in Senoia on May 31 to film ‘the episode that premiers the town,’ Riley said, ‘Once the town is established, it becomes a recurring location…’

It's only a little bit to go on, but it won't be long now before set photos and details start making their way to the internet, possibly of David Morrissey as The Governor himself!  And what location will stand in for the famous prison?  Tell us what you're most excited for about 'The Walking Dead' season 3 in the comments!