The Walking Dead has more mysteries to address in Season 7 than who fell under Negan’s bat “Lucille,” namely those mysterious armored friends encountered by Morgan and Carol. Comic fans likely know their identity, though the series itself may have leaked two fan-favorite additions for Season 7, who might roar our as early as the trailer.

Take this with a grain of salt for now (as well some minor spoilers), but fans of the original Robert Kirkman comics well-recognized the armored rescuers as “Knights” of fellow survivor community “The Kingdom,” in the comics ruled by the dreadlock-sporting “King Ezekiel” and his pet tiger, Shiva. Showrunners have been understandably cagey about confirming either figure for Season 7, but the comics’ Instagram account may have spilled the beans.

Granted, the comic branch shouldn’t necessarily confirm any plans on the AMC side, the account tweeted (then subsequently deleted) a confirmation for National Pet Day (via

The Walking Dead Season 7 Ezekiel Shiva

The post was then replaced by a similar, albeit less ironclad message on Ezekiel and Shiva:

Happy #nationalpetday! Hope you love your pet today as much as Ezekiel loves Shiva 🐅🐅🐅

A photo posted by The Walking Dead (@thewalkingdead) on

Ezekiel at least seems like a no-brainer for the series, but incorporating a live tiger might prove challenging, even for The Walking Dead. According to CB at least, “the showrunners [are] “trying” to bring Shiva to the show. Most signs are pointing to a tiger roaring its way into the trailer which will be released at the San Diego Comic Con panel for The Walking Dead in July.”

That would certainly help the trailer, given the difficulty poised by previewing any scenes from Season 7 without revealing Negan’s victim (or by process of elimination, his survivors).

We’ll likely hear an Ezekiel casting over the summer, should the leak prove true but should Walking Dead fans have hope for the full comic treatment? Will a freakin’ tiger be enough to lure back irate viewers?

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