Between its premiere and finale, The Walking Dead Season 7 left a few holes in its expansive lineup of regulars. Thankfully, Season 8 has made the garbage choice to keep around our new scavenger frenemies, along with Negan’s right-hand man and more.

TVLine confirms that at least three Walking Dead stars will make the leap to series regular when Season 8 picks up this fall. First and foremost, it looks as if Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis and her “Heapster” friends will continue on (despite their betrayal of Rick), while Steven Ogg will take a more central role as Negan’s henchman Simon. Also elevated is Katelyn Nacon’s Enid, who’s been with the series since Season 5.

All three represent divergence from the comic, as Jadis and her junkyard gang share no real counterparts in the book, while some of Dwight’s more adversarial presence had been given to Simon. Enid fulfills much of the same role that the comic Sophia had, given the AMC series killed that character off in Season 2.

For the moment, little else is known of The Walking Dead Season 8, other than its intent to adapt the “All Out War” arc of Rick and his coalition taking on Negan. We might see a certain time jump from the books taking place, while it was rumored some months back that Maria Bello had a role in Season 8.

We’ll hear more as the summer brings word of future Walking Dead, but what might we see from Jadis, Simon and Enid in Season 8?

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