At the Golden Globes on Sunday night, both Jenna Bush and Michael Keaton made the embarrassing faux pas of conflating new releases Hidden Figures and Fences into the single title Hidden Fences. It’s an easy enough mistake to make — when there are a whopping two movies featuring black ensembles in theaters at the same time, who can expect anyone to keep them straight, least of all people whose one job revolves around the ability to keep them straight? It was a real foot-in-mouth moment for both celebrities, reflective of the minimal attention that white audiences pay to film championing black performers and creators.

Where you and I see an awkward mix-up with racial undertones, Stephen Colbert sees an opportunity for hilarity. On last night’s Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the whole Hidden Fences incident was sent up with a mock trailer for the fictitious film in question, which the Colbert writing staff logically concluded would be about NASA’s heroic efforts to send a fence wearing a helmet into space. The movie stitches together footage from both films with a little bit of extra voice-over and creates something both silly and lightly satirical. Colbert’s writers go for the jugular in the last line: “Based on the true story of people who think all movies about black people are the same movie. Starring: Black actors, black actresses, Kevin Costner, and introducing a Fence.”

The premise is goofy and one-note, but that’s all a minute-long viral video needs to be, and the one note it hits is right on pitch. If white people can’t tell two black movies apart, god only knows how anyone that’s not white keeps them all straight. What’s that new movie called, Manchester by the Sea and Where To Find It?

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