For months we’ve speculated who and what will take home golden statues come Oscar night. Will La La Land continue its awards season domination? Does Moonlight have a shot at winning Best Picture? Is 2017 such a garbage fire that Mel Gibson may actually win a Best Director Academy Award for Hacksaw Ridge? And is Lion really that good, or is it just the Pumpkin Spice Latte of the Oscars? (It is.)

In the latest episode of ScreenCrush’s awards season podcast, And the Podcast Goes To…, editors Erin Whitney and Britt Hayes share their totally unbiased opinions on the Oscar nominees (see the full list here). They break down the biggest snubs (RIP Annette Bening‘s Oscar chances), some exciting surprises (The Lobster!), then share their winner predictions. They also touch on the PGA Awards and SAG Awards winners, and what those tell us about the Oscar race.

Check out the episode above above on YouTube and subscribe on iTunes. In our final episode of the season, which comes out Wednesday March 1, Erin and Britt will break down the winners and speeches following the Oscars on February 26.

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