You love him as goofball Andy Dwyer on 'Parks and Recreation' (Thursday nights, NBC -- get on it), and you can see him in Kathryn Bigelow's upcoming 'Zero Dark Thirty,' but in today's Way Back When, we show you what Chris Pratt was up to before you knew his name.

'Strangers with Candy'

In 2005, Chris Pratt starred in the movie prequel to the 'Strangers with Candy' television series as Brason (yes, really), a dumb jock type who Jerri (Amy Sedaris) goes to school with. You get a few peeks of him in the official trailer below, including a horribly awkward scene where she tries to seduce Pratt with her terrible dance moves:


Pratt starred on the WB series 'Everwood,' about a widowed brain surgeon who picks up with his two sons and moves to a tiny town in Colorado. The show ran from 2002-2006, which is like, 20 years in WB time, and Pratt played a guy named Bright Abbott, who has a thing for this girl named Hannah. You can check him out in the clip below -- his part starts around the 2:49 mark:

'The O.C.'

And then this happened. Now, hear us out: 'The O.C.' wasn't your typical teenage nighttime soap opera -- the show had plenty of humor, thanks mostly to guys like Adam Brody, who played main character Seth Cohen, and Chris Pratt, who came on later and played Che, a privileged white dude who had dreams of being a granola-eating revolutionary. There's a great moment where Seth Cohen goes to see Che about his lady troubles, and Che sings him a song about polar bears while naked and playing an acoustic guitar. You can see bits of it in this spoof "Che for President" video. It is delightful:


In the 2008 film adaptation of the graphic novel of the same name, Chris Pratt played Barry, an annoying co-worker at the company where James McAvoy's character is employed. Pratt often gets cast as these boneheaded bro-types, but unlike Andy Dwyer on 'Parks and Recreation,' there's nothing endearing about this Barry character -- which is why it's so enjoyable to watch McAvoy smash a keyboard into his face in slow-motion:

'Bride Wars'

Pratt plays doting boyfriend Fletcher to Anne Hathaway's character in the awful 2009 comedy 'Bride Wars.' Whoever uploaded this clip to YouTube apparently has a foot fetish as the clip is sub-labeled "Foot scene." Internet, you are so weird.