Emma Stone instantly won our hearts with her big debut in 'Superbad' alongside Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, and she continued to make us fall in love with her again and again with her comedic talents and her irresistible charm. In today's Way Back When, we want to take a look at Stone before she was famous.

'In Search of the Partridge Family'

In 2005, Emma Stone convinced her family to let her move out to LA so she could become a star. This led her to the competition show 'In Search of the Partridge Family,' in which young singers and actors gave it their all to be a part of the 'Partridge Family' remake on VH1. The video below features Stone going up against her competition for the role of Laurie Partridge, singing Pat Benatar's "We Belong." Stone is surprisingly a pretty solid singer, but listening to her duet with Alexis Mero... Not so much. There's a reason we all know who Emma Stone is, to put it delicately. Stone went on to star in 'The New Partridge Family' TV movie, but a follow-up television series never came to be, and we're not gonna lie, we're grateful for that.


On the completely opposite end of the entertainment spectrum, Stone starred in this 2005 episode of 'Medium.' The Partridge Family is all about singing and having a wholesome good time while learning life lessons and stuff, but her role on 'Medium' was... not that. At all. In this clip, Stone plays a young woman whose father sexually abused her on video, so she puts the video in a local movie rental shop and now her dad is suing her. But Patricia Arquette is here to save the day! It's going to be okay, Emma. Parents just don't understand.

'Lucky Louie'

Back before comedian Louis CK had a hit show on FX with 'Louie,' he had a short-lived sitcom on HBO called 'Lucky Louie.' Emma Stone starred in this episode as his daughter Lucy's new babysitter, who really admires Louie's awesome parenting skills. In fact, she admires them so much, she'd like to do something nice for him. It involves the initials B and J.