Mila Kunis was recently announced as Esquire Magazine's sexiest woman alive, but way back when, Kunis was an unknown actress just trying to get her big break. We take a look back at Kunis' earlier roles from before she became a household name with 'That 70s Show.'

Lisa Frank Commercial

Mila Kunis says she'll never forget the day she discovered Lisa Frank in this add for the candy-colored brand, which touted stickers, folders, diaries, stationery -- you name it. And all of it featuring animals like panda bears, cheetahs, and unicorns (they're real -- don't tell us they aren't real because we won't hear it). But we won't forget the day we found this commercial featuring Kunis selling us on the wide world of Lisa Frank products. We're sorry -- was there really a Lisa Frank store? How come no one told us about this?!

Telephone Tammy Commercial

Telephone Tammy was a doll that you could call and talk to on the phone -- but for pretend! She came with all sorts of phrases, like our favorite: "Do you like pizza?" And then Kunis and her friend are like, "She says so much!" They're right. Pizza talk says a lot about a person. But then Telephone Tammy gets creepy and says, "I have to tell you something..." Look, Telephone Tammy, we know you're a soulless, terrifying doll creature who will become sentient and try to eat Mila Kunis' eyeballs in her sleep. You don't need to say it.

Glitter Hair Barbie Commercial

If you are a child of the 90s and you didn't have this L.A. Looks-sponsored Barbie doll, you are a liar or you're probably a dude or you had better things to do with your life. Kunis stars in this brief ad for the Barbie that comes with L.A. Looks hair gel with glitter in it, which is probably why your parents didn't buy this for you because, as we can confirm from personal experience, that stuff is straight-up messy to deal with. But it's a small price to pay for those bangs.


In the original made-for-TV movie directed by Joe Dante, Mila Kunis plays a little girl who doesn't want to swim in the lake with all the other kids -- and as it turns out, she's got good instincts. Kunis watches on in horror (and maybe just a hint of smug satisfaction) as kids are attacked by a school of vicious, man-eating piranha fish. Man, Dante just loves to put kids in deadly situations. What did children do to that guy?


The HBO film about the life and untimely death of supermodel Gia Carangi starred Angelina Jolie as the famous model and Kunis as young Gia, appropriately. As Kunis as matured, the similarities in appearance between the two actresses have dwindled, but once upon a time, it was easy to see how Kunis might grow up to be Jolie 2.o.

'Santa with Muscles'

Oof, this is a hard one to watch. Back before 'Bad Santa,' there was 'Santa with Muscles,' an action "comedy" (playing fast and loose with that term here) about a bad dude on the run from the law who uses a Santa costume to get away, but then he's mistaken for a mall Santa and encounters a group of evil scientists who want to do bad things to Santa, and befriends a family that includes a young Mila Kunis. You'll only see a few shots of her in the trailer below, but we assure you, she was a part of this.