Nicole Kidman has been gracing us with her beautiful and talented presence for years, with films as varied as 'Moulin Rouge,' 'The Hours' and 'To Die For,' but in today's Way Back When, we take a look at a young Kidman before you knew her name.

'Chase Through the Night'

Nicole Kidman's first role was in this 1983 Australian made-for-TV film called 'Chase Through the Night,' in which she plays Petra, a young woman who is part of a group of hostages taken by a band of outlaws in the Australian outback. But luck for the criminals changes when, in a supernatural and totally wonky twist, a powerful shaman gets the upper hand. Watch a sleazy criminal make Kidman feel really uncomfortable in the clip below:

'Skin Deep'

That same year, Kidman starred in the film 'Skin Deep,' about the glamorous but very catty upper-class world of the fashion industry. Kidman plays Sheena, a young fashion industry hopeful, and in the (very blurry) clip below, she attempts to land a job:

'Bush Christmas'

Ever wondered what Christmas in Australia is like? Apparently it involves racing a horse to save your family from financial ruin so you can enjoy many more Aussie-flavored Christmases together. Kidman plays the eldest daughter of a father who tries to save his family from losing all of their money because presents are awesome:

'BMX Bandits'

Kidman had a very eventful first year in acting -- 'BMX Bandits' also came out in 1983, and starred the young actress as the friend of two BMX enthusiasts who get tangled up with bank robbers. The film was directed by cult-favorite Brian Trenchard-Smith, and you can check out an Australian ad for the film below:


We don't think you guys are ready for how amazing this trailer is. A wealthy young man who spends his days in boardroom meetings moonlights as a windsurfer, and with the help of one of his father's engineer friends, he makes a high-tech surfboard that he hopes to use in a competition. Then he meets a rock star (Nicole Kidman) and things start to heat up, causing him to think less and less about windsurfing:


Okay, we said this before, but maybe you aren't ready for how awesome this trailer is. 'Nightmaster' is a 1987 film about a karate instructor named Steve (of course?) who takes drugs, but then his drug connect threatens to expose him as a liar and a user, so Steve kills his dealer right in front of his prize student, setting off a series of dangerous confrontations. And Nicole Kidman is there, too: