According to Epic's Tim Sweeney, we may just have photorealistic games in 10 years time. How could we possibly achieve it? Is it actually a good thing? 

At the Develop Conference, Epic's co-founder and creator of Unreal Engine, Tim Sweeney, predicted that we may have photorealistic, real-time games in 10 years. In a quote on Eurogamer, Sweeney say that "It's continuing to improve at Moore's Law rate. Things are going to get really interesting. We'll be able to render environments that are absolutely photo-realistic within the next 10 years, like indistinguishable from reality level of graphics." This is heartening for those gamers yearning for an incredibly immersive experience and are constantly being disappointed by sprites and low-res graphics.

But, just because it looks real doesn't mean that it will be completely immersive. Sweeney also mentioned that graphics are not the only challenges that developers face. Creating believable human AI, animation, and lip-synching are all areas where games need to improve in order to compliment the retina searing graphics.

What do you think? Are graphics the way of the future or do we need the whole package?