As expected, the Fourth of July holiday weekend saw a lot of people heading to the theater. Unfortunately for the new releases, those people gravitated toward films that have already been in theaters for a few weeks. Once again, Jurassic World and Inside Out dominated the top 10, leaving newcomers like Terminator Genisys and Magic Mike XXL out in the cold.

FilmWeekendPer Screen
1Jurassic World$43,800,000 (-19.7)$11,721$558,137,000
2Inside Out$30,105,000 (-42.5)$7,240$246,160,000
3Terminator: Genisys$28,700,000$7,637$44,156,000
4Magic Mike XXL$11,600,000$3,458$26,656,000
5Ted 2$11,000,000 (-67.2)
6Max$6,610,000 (-45.6)$2,303$25,349,000
7Spy$5,500,000 (-30.5)$2,304$97,896,000
8San Andreas$3,030,000 (-43.9)$1,812$147,373,000
9Me and Earl and the Dying Girl$1,320,000 (+33.0)$15.17$4,004,000
10Dope$1,098,000 (-60.5)$1,272$14,104,000


Let’s just get those new guys out of the way first. Terminator Genisys, which marks the return of star Arnold Schwarzenegger to the franchise that made him a household name, limped into third place with a weekend haul of only $28 million. To be fair, the film did make $44 million overall once you take its Wednesday opening into account, but that barely puts it over the $42 million opening of 2009’s Terminator Salvation. That’s not good, especially since Salvation went on to become a box office disappointment. Genisys has equally poor reviews and has to contend with Jurassic World. It’s not in a good place. It probably won’t reach $100 million, which means that those proposed sequels probably won’t happen. This may be the end of the Terminator series — until it gets rebooted in a decade.

In fourth place, Magic Mike XXL also pulled disappointing numbers, grossing only $11 million over the weekend and $26 million over its first five days. This is especially bad when you remember that the first movie opened to $39 million three years ago before going on to break $100 million. Unless word of mouth begins to prop it up in the weeks ahead, Magic Mike XXL won’t even come close to those numbers. Some may blame the holiday weekend, but the first film also opened around the Fourth of July.

So yeah, this weekend was all about Jurassic World. Again. Colin Trevorrow’s film made $43 million over the weekend (a tiny drop of only 19 percent from last week), bringing its grand box office total to $558 million. Yes, it has surpassed The Dark Knight to become the fourth highest grossing film of all time on the domestic charts. It will undoubtedly topple The Avengers before it’s done. Titanic is also in serious danger. Avatar seems safe in the number one spot. For now.

Meanwhile, Inside Out continued its “always a bridesmaid, never a bride” routine by handily taking second place with $30 million, bringing its total to $246 million. It’ll hit $300 million soon enough, putting it in the upper tier of Pixar movies. However, the arrival of Minions next week will kneecap all of its chances at $400 million.

The rest of the top 10 fell about where you’d expect it to. Ted 2 had a miserable second weekend. San Andreas desperately reached for that $150 million milestone. Spy can literally taste $100 million. The only real surprise here is the presence of Me and Earl and the Dying Girl in the charts, joining Dope as the second indie festival favorite to make a surprising splash in the mainstream. And that’s always a nice thing to see, especially in a weekend where Jurassic World is devouring all of the other big guns.

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