A real card, that Anthony Weiner. He was an unusually passionate — read: noisy — Democratic representative in Congress for twelve years, railing tirelessly to better New York’s 9th district through planned housing and government assistance programs. A noted proponent of LGBT causes and other urgent social issues, Weiner was well-liked by his constituents. Until the fateful day of May 27, 2011 when Weiner tweeted a photo of his dong-outline bulging through his briefs to a young woman who was following him on Twitter. (Though, c'mon, who hasn’t been there? Am I right, fellas?) It sparked a scandal and stuck Weiner with the stench of perversion, culminating in his resignation from Congress in June of that same year.

Much like the positioning of his penis in the notorious photo, Weiner was down but not out. He made plans to rally with a campaign for mayor of New York City in 2013, and the upcoming documentary Weiner chronicles the volatile, unpredictable, stranger-than-fiction path the irritable candidate would travel toward failure. In the trailer embedded above, Weiner calls some guy a jackass, gives the press the finger, howls at his staffers, and generally looks like a man entering the twentieth hour of a sweaty coke binge. But the trailer appears to take a nuanced view to this larger-than-life figure, capturing the human aspirations to do good among the poor impulse control and dick-pics.

The trailer's a zippy, comical look at the candidate's many foibles, taking a satirical tint to his quixotic quest to regain some semblance of respectability. The notices out of Sundance back in January were generally positive, with critics praising directors Josh Kreigman and Elyse Steinberg’s coherent approach to the insanity of Weiner’s campaign. The May 20 release can’t come soon enough, with Weiner looking like one of the most exciting documentaries released this year to date. If only Anthony Weiner had had Snapchat, none of this could have been possible. What a time to be alive.