It was one of the few 80s movies left that hadn't been remade but now it looks like the inevitable will happen: the John Hughes classic 'Weird Science' will be rebooted at Universal with a R-rated take on the comedy. But you know what? We've actually got faith and we'll tell you why.

Deadline reports that producer Joel Silver, probably better known for his big-budget action films like 'Die Hard' or 'The Matrix,' has signed a deal with Universal to remake 1985's 'Weird Science,' an announcement that normally would have us up in amrs. But there's a small glimmer of hope.

Writing the 'Weird Science' remake script will be Michael Bacall, one of the best comedic writers out there and the man behind 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' and '21 Jump Street' (he's also an actor you may have seen in 'Inglourious Basterds'). Now, the participation of one writer isn't enough to go dancing in the streets with excitement (Joel Silver eats writers for breakfast) but it certainly is a step in the right direction.

Now Lynch has nothing to do with this iteration of 'Weird Science' (he's currently writing Universal's 'Minions' movie) but he later says on Twitter it was an idea he actually pitched to executives. Gender-bending can be a quick trick used to make an old idea seem fresh but there's something about this idea that, on paper, is genius. Also, keep in mind, Bacall worked with Tatum on '21 Jump Street' and may be able to convince the actress to join the cast.

We love Kelly LeBrock and her fitness get-up as much as the next guys but we wholeheartedly advocate for a new spin on this old material. Whether Universal and Silver will go for it (and pass up the opportunity to cast Kate Upton in the role) remains to be seen.