There’s a few things you can expect in almost every Wes Craven movie. Definitely some scares, and also plenty of screams. In tribute to the great horror director, who passed away over the weekend at the age of 76 after a battle with brain cancer, the video team here at ScreenCrush put together this tribute, the only one that felt appropriate for a man and a filmmaker like Craven: A supercut sampling of just a few of his characters’ many (many) screams.

(The guy did direct for movies with the word “scream” in the title after all.)

You’ll see some highlights from Scream, along with the Nightmare on Elm Street series, plus more larynx-shredding moments from throughout Craven’s career. And if you’re looking for more on the life and work of Wes Craven, be sure to read our obituary, and critic Matt Singer’s look at one of his most persistent and powerful themes. Or, if you want to watch a few Craven movies, you can find Wes Craven’s New Nightmare on NetflixSwamp Thing on Hulu, and Deadly Blessing on Amazon Prime.

Thanks for all the scares, and all the screams, Wes. We’ll think of you every time we wake in a cold sweat, convinced that there’s a monster lurking under our beds.