The three-camera sitcom is rarely exactly what we want it to be.  Even the most critically applauded of the bunch, from 'How I Met Your Mother' to 'The Big Bang Theory' have made some real stinkers.  Last year saw NBC attempting to dive back into the pool with 'Whitney' and 'Are You There, Chelsea?," though of the two only 'Whitney' survived, and not to much critical fanfare at that.  Will season 2 be any different?

According to DeadlineTV, NBC's 'Whitney' will change show-runners for its sophomore season, switching from Betsy Thomas to industry vet Wil Calhoun.  Calhoun is most notable for his time running NBC's arguably biggest sitcom hit 'Friends,' while Thomas is leaving to run NBC's latest three-camera effort, the Jimmy Fallon-produced 'Guys With Kids.'

As previously reported, 'Whitney' will not only change show-runners, but nights as well, moving alongside 'Community' to Friday nights.  Like 'Community,' 'Whitney' was only issues an order of 13 episodes for its Fall run.  The same treatment was afforded 'Up All Night,' while 'The Office' and 'Parks and Recreation' received full 22-episode orders.

So while certainly not as critically lauded (or successful) as Whitney Cummings' other 2011 series '2 Broke Girls,' it remains to be seen if the show can attract any new audience under a new show-runner.  Certainly Calhoun will be up to the task, if his 'Friends' work stands for anything.  We're not big 'Whitney' fans, but we're willing to give it a few more tries...

What say you?  Do you think the show is destined for disaster in a Friday night time slot, or will Calhoun change the course?  Are you at all happy to have the series back?  Sound off in the comments below!

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