Hopefully ‘Wild Card’ is better than Jason Statham’s last outing, ‘Homefront.’ The new film is a remake of ‘Heat,’ the 1968 movie starring Burt Reynolds, and is based on a screenplay by Academy Award-winning writer William Goldman (‘All the President’s Men,’ ‘Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’). Can Statham fill the awesome shoes of Reynolds? Not likely, but you can enjoy watching him try his hand in this new trailer.

The ‘Wild Card’ trailer suffers from modern trailer syndrome, running over two minutes long and essentially acting as the Cliff’s Notes version of the film. Statham stars as a bodyguard with a very particular set of skills and a big gambling problem. When his friend gets beaten up by a violent criminal, Statham’s Nick Wild finds himself way in over his head in the world of organized crime. Nick tries to help his friend take revenge on the man who assaulted her, which attracts unwanted attention from the mob and sends Nick on a gambling spree to earn enough cash to leave his life behind.

Clearly Statham is no Burt Reynolds—he just doesn’t have the same kind of charisma. But ‘Wild Card’ has assembled a fairly impressive cast and comes from an immensely talented writer, so we’re interested enough to join Statham for his latest effort. The film also stars Sofia Vergara, Michael Angarano, Max Casella, Milo Ventimiglia, Anne Heche, Hope Davis, Jason Alexander, and Stanley Tucci.

‘Wild Card’ hits theaters on January 30.

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