Will Ferrell had a 2013 Super Bowl commercial? You might think you saw all the 2013 Super Bowl commercials but here's one you probably missed. Will Ferrell starred again in one of his Old Milwaukee commercials that only appeared in one small, local market. But you can watch it now!

After two previous rounds of Old Milwaukee commercials that aired only in Indiana and Sweden (?) respectively, yesterday Old Milwaukee debuted a new Super Bowl commercial that ran only on the Texas/Oklahoma border. If you've seen any of the previous Will Ferrell/Old Milwaukee ads, you know what to expect: weirdness.

In this commercial, an older Asian woman is riding the bus with her "friend" Will Ferrell and they aren't afraid of a little PDA. We'd explain more about the commercial but there isn't much more to it than that (and it runs :60 long!).

If you missed it last night, you can watch the Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee Super Bowl commercial right now. It's just as bizarre as you would've hoped.