Earlier this week we heard the surprising news that IFC's forthcoming Funny or Die miniseries 'The Spoils of Babylon' had picked up some impressive talent atop the central Will Ferrell, bringing 'SNL' vet Kristen Wiig and 'The Great Gatsby's' Tobey Maguire in to lead. Now, the production has added yet another surprising name in that of former 'Sixth Sense' star Haley Joel Osment!

We don't yet have a clear pictures of what Will Ferrell's six-part IFC miniseries 'The Spoils of Babylon' will look like, though the production has some impressive talent in recruiting Wiig and Maguire to join Ferrell as the central oil family. Deadline reports that former child star and recent 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' guest Haley Joel Osment as the latest to join the production, playing son to Wiig's character.

‘The Spoils of Babylon’ chronicles the “sexy and dramatic” lives of the Morehouse family who made their fortune in the oil business, and find themselves entrenched with the Shah of Iran (Ferrell). Maguire will play Devon Morehouse, an orphaned child taken in by future oil magnate Jonas Morehouse, while Wiig takes the role of Jonas’ daughter Cynthia. Devon and Cynthia eventually come to run Morehouse Enterprises, all while fighting their feelings for each other.

Osment will play Winston, the devilish son of Cynthia who attempts to insert himself into the family business as well. ‘SNL’s' Andrew Steele co-wrote the script with Matt Piedmont (‘Casa de mi Padre’) who also directs. Funny or Die's Ferrell and Adam McKay will act as executive producers.

What say you? Does Will Ferrell's latest projects sound more insane by the minute? Tell us what you want to see from 'The Spoils of Babylon'!

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