Director Alexander Payne - fresh off an Oscar win for Best Original Screenplay for 'The Descendants' - has invited Bruce Dern and Will Forte to take a little trip down to 'Nebraska' for his latest film.

Deadline reports that the director is eying the pair for his next film, the black and white road trip comedy 'Nebraska,' based on a script by Bob Nelson. The casting seems perfect for the story of an aging alcoholic who goes on a trip to claim the money from a sweepstakes prize and brings along his son, an underachiever. It's just the kind of story that's ripe for conflict and heart-warming reconciliation, as these things go.

Forte has been scarce since leaving 'Saturday Night Live,' only occasionally showing up in 'SNL' cameos and small roles on television (including '30 Rock'). His last starring role was 'MacGruber,' the critically acclaimed film that didn't fare too well at the box office (but is otherwise hilarious) and can be seen alongside Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill in this summer's 'The Watch.' Dern has been gracing screens big and small for decades, with a notable role as an abusive husband and father on the HBO series 'Big Love.'

Deadline adds that Payne was originally eying Gene Hackman for the role of the father in 'Nebraska,' but Hackman has been committed to his ongoing retirement from film -- his last movie role was in 2004's 'Welcome to Mooseport.'

Through the years, Payne received five Academy Award nominations plus his most recent win.