Whenever President Obama's life story makes it to the big screen (and you know it will), Will Smith says he's the one who should play the Commander-in-Chief. And why does he think he'd be a perfect fit for the role? Because they both have the same ears.

"It's about the ears, that's the thing," Smith told the BBC. "People see the ears and Barack and I both have the ears, so I'm the most natural choice."

But there's one condition. "I told [Obama] jokingly, 'It's definitely something I would consider, you just have to write the ending,'" said the 43-year-old 'Men in Black III' star. "So he's working on the ending right now."

It wouldn't be the first time Smith has played a living luminary. One of his two Oscar nominations came after playing boxing legend Muhammad Ali in 'Ali' -- a role he may have unintentionally re-enacted last week when he backhanded a kissy reporter.

But any possible Obama biopics will have to wait. Right now Smith is keeping busy with a European promotional tour for 'Men in Black III,' which hits US theaters on May 25, and then has 'After Earth' with son Jaden Smith next June.