After a few false starts over the past few days (including six seconds of footage followed by 20 seconds of footage), today we finally have the full 'Wolverine' trailer! So after lots of teasing, was it worth the wait? Let's find out...

We'll start by saying that this full 'Wolverine' trailer is definitely the best of anything we've seen so far from the film but is that necessarily a compliment?

So this 'Wolverine' trailer doesn't look bad, per se, but it doesn't look overwhelmingly exciting either. We're not sure why Wolverine is fighting on the top of a speeding train like James Bond but the biggest complaint we'd have about this trailer is that it doesn't seem much like a 'Wolverine' movie while at the same time including some major Wolverine cliches (Drunken yokels at a bar shocked by Wolverine's healing ability after a bar fight? Yup!).

There's enough here though to remain cautiously optimistic that there is more to this 'Wolverine' movie. Anticipation for this movie might not yet be at the levels of 'Iron Man 3' or 'Man of Steel' but we're not writing off 'Wolverine' yet. The reaction in the office is decidedly mixed with some people loving this and some people still on the fence.

What do YOU think? Watch the full 'Wolverine' trailer below and see for yourself.

UPDATE: As a bonus, here's the domestic trailer for 'The Wolverine':

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