It’s been a rough week in a devastating month in a nightmarishly surreal year. The people of America need a win, something good, a point of light on the horizon to look forward to. In his subterranean isolation chamber deep under the Metropolitan Museum of Art, masterly Chinese filmmaker Wong Kar-wai stirs — something’s wrong. He can smell unrest on the air, a disturbance in the cosmic balance of good and evil. His people need him, and in our moment of desperation, he’s come through with a prospect of hope for the future that we can all hold onto.

Today in “Maybe the World Isn’t Complete Garbage” news, the esteemed director of such fine films as Chungking Express, In the Mood for Love, and Days of Being Wild has taken on his next project. A new Hollywood Reporter profile of Annapurna Pictures head Megan Ellison revealed that the production/distribution outfit has landed Wong to direct their gestating biopic about the wildly dysfunctional Gucci family, in the filmmaker’s first feature since 2013’s ravishing Ip Man biopic The Grandmaster. Having made his last foray into English-language entertainment with the dreamy 2007 drama My Blueberry Nights, Wong would turn his camera on the impossibly glamorous clan of fashion trailblazers, focusing on the murder of Maurizio Gucci (grandson of founder Guccio Gucci) at the hands of his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani.

And if you’re not already sold: Margot Robbie is in talks to play the murderess. Margot Robbie. Annapurna Pictures. Gucci murder. Wong Kar-freakin’-wai. The future will not be a total wasteland after all.