By now, the cast of Comedy Central’s Workaholics has made the leap to movies (and back) on more than a few occasions, but with a seventh season looming for the workplace comedy, an end seems inevitable. The cast appears to agree, as Adam Devine, Anders Holm and Blake Anderson see Season 7 as the likely endpoint for the TelAmeriCorp boys.

That’s according to Entertainment Weekly, who note that while Comedy Central has yet to confirm an official end to Workaholics in 2017, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates star Adam Devine sees Season 7 as the most likely conclusion:

This is it, we think. We’ve talked as a group. We kind of think now’s a good time to put it to bed.

Anderson acknowledged as much, even if production on Season 7 remains in an early stage:

We’re only two weeks into writing. We still have the whole year left to get sad. The other day we were looking through the IMDB of the show, all the people that have come through, that we’ve worked with. We created such a world, and it really is something special … We’re trying to at least take a lengthy break from it. We’re saying it’s the last season, for now.

The series first emerged on Comedy Central in 2011 after the trio and fellow comedian Kyle Newacheck rose to viral popularity with Mail Order Comedy, while their next project, Game Over, Man! will likely enter production in March. \

Workaholics Season 7 is expected in January, but will it be the last for Comedy Central?

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