Here's some good news for movie fans who missed 'World War Z' and 'Star Trek Into Darkness' this summer: Paramount is re-releasing both films as a double feature this Friday, letting audiences pay one ticket cost to enjoy both films. For many people, this is simply a chance to catch both films one more time for dirt cheap, but for those interested in the business side of the film industry, this is a fascinating glance into the importance of reaching certain box office milestones.

If you're wondering what the ulterior motive for slapping these two movies together in a double feature is, look no further than the current box office gross of 'World War Z.' With $198.9 million in the bank, it's within spitting distance of $200 million, a milestone of literal and figurative importance. One one level, there are bragging rights that come with hitting a number that big, but more importantly, crossing that particular threshold allows the studio to demand significantly more money for the film's TV rights (a fact we learned over at Badass Digest). In other words, if Paramount can wring $1.1 million more out of Brad Pitt's zombie blockbuster, they stand to make a lot more money when a TV network comes knocking, wanting to show the film. That's a big deal.

And yet, this is a case where pride also feels like it must play a huge part of getting to $200 million. Toxic buzz threatened to kill 'World War Z' in the weeks prior to release, but the film ended up earning generally positive reviews and performing well at the box office. What looked like an out-and-out disaster turned out to be a solid film. Crossing this milestone is a symbolic gesture that gives Paramount the last laugh and makes the thought of a sequel more palatable.

So, if spaceships and zombies sound like an appealing double feature, you have a new activity to pursue this weekend. With 'Star Trek Into Darkness' hitting home video soon, it's certainly the safest movie to pair with 'World War Z' to help boost its gross. Will this plan actually pan out? We'll let you know in this weekend's box office report.