We all think 'Wreck-It Ralph,' Disney's animated homage to video games, look completely awesome, right? You've watched the trailer, so now it's time to play the game! Yes, it's a video game based on a movie about video games. It's okay, that hurt our brains a little, too.

As the trailer made it clear, 'Wreck-It Ralph' is going to be a whirlwind journey through video game history, blending characters from the 8-bit arcade days with high tech modern games. Even before it's released, it's something of a milestone: it may very well be the first film to acknowledge and examine the evolution and the history of the video game medium. Naturally, that will be the background to the story of a classic video game villain searching for redemption, but it still feels strangely important. Video games are here to stay and if it takes an animated Disney movie to kickstart a new interest in exploring how they came to be, then well done!

With that tangent out of the way, you can play Fix-It Felix, the fictional arcade game where Wreck-It Ralph smashes a building while the title character desperately attempts to make repairs while avoiding falling bricks and flying birds. The game is a pitch perfect homage to early Nintendo arcade games like Donkey Kong, capturing not only the gameplay, but the graphical style and whimsical tone. Like the best arcade games, it's deceptively simple at first before quickly becoming mercilessly unforgiving.

Click on the image below to give it a shot! No quarters required.

A tip of the hat to Nordling over at AICN for initially posting this.