After a surprising no-show at E3 2013, 2K Games and Yukes' have finally given us our first taste of the all-new WWE 2K14, the first WWE game under new management since the fall of THQ.

The trailer doesn't offer much in the way of gameplay improvements or new modes, but it certainly serves up the attitude, which is really all you can ask for from a WWE game. There are appearances from modern era stars like Cena and Ryback, as well as some classic Hall of Famers like the Macho Man and Stone Cold.

The Rock will grace the cover of this year's entry, but fans will be able to design a cover of their own, too. By heading to 2K's WWE site, fans can create custom covers using official assets, which will then be judged, and possibly used in marketing and could be included with the final game as an alternate cover.

Check out the trailer and cover, and let us know what changes you hope to see in this year's game. And if you come up with a custom cover of your own, share it with us so we can bask in your cover design glory.