Standing beside X-Files fan disappointment that Season 11 would lack key franchise writers was the realization that again, only men were invited to pen Mulder and Scully’s return. Star Gillian Anderson certainly noticed as well; voicing her disappointment and adding a low quotient of female directors.

It wasn’t long after FOX confirmed an X-Files Season 11 writers room comprised of veterans Chris Carter, Darin Morgan, Glen Morgan, James Wong and assistants that the absence of female writers drove social media backlash. Nerdist even pointed to the fact that only six women are credited as X-Files writers in 202 episodes, two movies and a revival. One of said writers was none other than Anderson herself, who now adds that the director’s chair too has been a boys’ club:

Mind you, this isn’t the first time Anderson has issued public challenge to The X-Files, as the FOX revival initially offered co-star David Duchovny a higher salary (double!) to return as Fox Mulder. The two ultimately reached an even keel, but it seems salary wasn’t the only ‘90s holdover that made its way into the revival.

There’s every chance that Season 11 heeds Anderson’s call for more female directors (Carter, Wong and the Morgans split the episodes last time), but is The X-Files doomed to dated sensibility, on-screen and off? Stay tuned for the latest on next year’s return as it arrives.

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