Costume upgrades are pretty standard when it comes to superhero movies, and for the next X-Men outing, Dark Phoenix, our good super kids are getting some new gadgets too. Most importantly, Cyclops will have a new visor that’ll make him look a whole lot more like his older James Marsden counterpart (and a little less sillier than his Apocalypse look did).

Tye Sheridan shows off his new Cyclops shades in a couple set photos from Dark Phoenix, which are a far cry from the modified Ray-Bans he had in Apocalypse and make him look way more like his final Marsden form. Take a look below:

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is the second time the X-Men series will take on the “Dark Phoenix” storyline, during which Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) is exposed to her psychic abilities’ true powers, turns into a god, goes a little nuts, and flies across space to eat a star. She’s deemed worse even than Galactus and an alien empress Lilandra (played by Jessica Chastain) forms an intergalactic council to destroy her.

Cyclops isn’t too adept at the whole psychic battle thing, but hey, at least he’s got some cool new sunglasses.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is currently in production and hits theaters November 2, 2018.

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