Horror anthology films are all the rage these days, from the lo-fi V/H/S series to the the pair of eclectic ABCs of Death films to the recent seasonally-themed Holidays. And yet all of these films have been united by the greater theme of being almost entirely directed by men; the scary-movie genre has always been a bit of a boy’s club, with women fighting tooth and nail for success as exceptions to an archaic rule imposed by Hollywood. The upcoming film XX seeks to change that, however, offering some of of horror’s most promising young female filmmakers the chance to get behind the camera and have some twisted fun.

The first trailer arrived online today like a bat (a female bat!) out of hell, promising four tales of the strange, macabre, and disturbing from talents on the rise. First up is longtime Rue Morgue editor Jovanka Vuckovic with The Box, in which a curious young boy peeks into a stranger’s wrapped present on the subway and gets an eyeful. Better known as rock goddess St. Vincent, Annie Clark tries her hand at filmmaking with the darkly comic Birthday Party, a surreal-looking short featuring the great Melanie Lynskey. Then comes indie-horror regular Roxanne Benjamin with the chilling Don’t Fall, and The Invitation director Karyn Kusama brings up the rear with Her Only Living Son.

Simple logic suggests that an anthology film is only as good as its composite parts, and the trailer above seems like ample proof these four women are more than up to the challenge. And if nothing else, we can be sure that Clark’s piece will have a killer soundtrack. XX makes its world premiere at Sundance next week before it comes to theaters on February 17.

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