We've been dying -- DYING -- for a release date for Adam Wingard's delightful horror flick 'You're Next' ever since it premiered at Fantastic Fest 2011. Now, almost a full year later, Lionsgate has graced us with an official release date. Good news: You can see 'You're Next' in 11 months!

Lionsgate acquired 'You're Next' right before its premiere at Fantastic Fest in 2011. While the film had two showings scheduled, Lionsgate decided to pull the second showtime, and only one lucky theater full of people was able to enjoy Adam Wingard's refreshing take on the slasher/home invasion genre. 'You're Next' stars Sharni Vinson, AJ Bowen, Joe Swanberg, Ti West and Barbara Crampton in the story of a family reunion gone awry as masked psychos start offing members left and right.

Collider got an exclusive confirmation from Lionsgate today that 'You're Next' will finally hit theaters on August 23, 2013. But why such a long delay? The Lionsgate and Summit merger certainly slowed the release calendar down a bit, with horror flicks like 'Sinister' and 'Texas Chainsaw 3D' also needing room on the slate. Then there's the matter of making sure the film is properly marketed and finds its intended audience -- 'You're Next' is definitely comedic horror, but it's insanely clever, which isn't always an easy sell.

Regardless, we can now rejoice because one of the most anticipated films of the last few years is finally seeing a release, even if it is the worrisome, post-summer-blockbuster August dumping ground.