It's Fashion Week in New York City, which is, as designer Michael Kors calls it, the "New Year's of fashion." So, to honor all the designers showing their collections at Lincoln Center and to help get us in the spirit of the occasion, we decided to look back in the fashion history books and learn us a thing or two about style... And guess what we found.

Deep in the Louis Vuitton archives was a black-and-white photo portrait of funnyman Zach Galifianakis. Well, we think it's him. The name on the photo says Louis Vuitton, but clearly whoever labeled it was mistaken. The mustache, tousled hair and glare, as if he's staring down his 'Campaign' opponent Will Ferrell, are signature trademarks of our favorite 'Hangover' star.

It's all good, LV. Everyone makes mistakes.