After a quick exit from directing Justice League to cope with a family tragedy, it sounds like Zack Snyder’s era in the DCEU is going to be very diminished as Warner Bros. moves forward with the franchise. He and his wife Deborah Snyder, who served as producer for the series, will only be involved “at a distance,” according to a new report.

Sources tell Mashable that the Snyders will be taking a backseat in the DCEU from now on, as the franchise does a lot of reshooting and rethinking. Extensive reshoots for Justice League are currently underway with Joss Whedon taking the lead, and sources also tell Mashable that David Ayer, director of Suicide Squad and the upcoming Gotham City Sirens, is also in question at the studio. Gotham City Sirens was not featured in Warner Bros. Comic Con sizzle reel of upcoming projects this weekend, and Ayer himself had some positive comments during his Bright panel about working with the very hands-off Netflix, compared to other production companies, that some could take as disparaging towards a studio like Warner Bros., if you’re looking for that sort of thing.

Warner Bros. did flatly deny that the Snyders will not be involved at all in any future DCEU films.

The Snyders remain an important part of the Warner Bros. family and are actively involved in several upcoming DC pictures, including their continued creative input on Justice League.  We are excited about our partnership and look forward to our continued collaboration.

It’s likely that they’ll continue to get production credits, but it also looks like the Zack Snyder era of superhero movies, at least DC ones, is at an end. Patty Jenkins is one of the few who doesn’t have to worry, as her relationship with new DC head Geoff Johns seems bright and her Wonder Woman is the top-grossing blockbuster of this summer, with no plans to slow down yet.

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