Channing Tatum can do many things -- dance like no one's watching ('Magic Mike'), protect the President ('White House Down') and transform into a lupine warrior ('Jupiter Ascending'), to name a few -- but it looks like one thing he can't do is pull off a Latin America accent. Or at least Jenko can't. The first '22 Jump Street' clip dropped online, along with a batch of new photos and a poster, giving us a look at one of the more funny moments glimpsed from the trailers.

What's great about '22 Jump Street' and the first film is that they don't take themselves seriously ... like, at all. Whether it's Nick Offerman joking how Hollywood can't come up with any better ideas than to reboot classic properties or the purposefully cliched tagline, "They're not 21 anymore," you can tell directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord had a blast making these films with stars Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill.

For their second outing, Tatum and Hill return as Jenko and Schmidt to infiltrate a local college, and there are plenty more undercover missions to keep us entertained, like the one featured in the first '22 Jump Street' clip. MTV premiered the footage ahead of this Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, and we're hoping Jenko's accent skills won't be the death of him.

In addition to the first footage, Sony released eight new photos and one corny poster that tote tons more hijinks to come, that include but are not limited to Spring Break partying, and lots of shooting and drinking.

'22 Jump Street' hits theaters this June 13.

Watch Channing Tatum + Jonah Hill Talk '22 Jump Street,' X-Rated Bet