'The ABCs of Death' Children's Book Is Here to Traumatize Your Kids

Drafthouse Films

Anyone who has seen the 26-part horror anthology 'The ABCs of Death' can tell you that it's a movie unfit for kids in literally every way imaginable...which is why it's so amazing that it's been transformed into an "adult" children's picture book. Have you ever wanted to own a book where the most horrifying and violent images imaginable were rendered in the form of gentle, Dr. Seuss-esque illustrations? Then this is for you!

Limited to a run of only 666 (heh) copies, the book retells each of the short films from 'The ABCs of Death' with kid-friendly illustrations and rhyming verse. Each copy will also come with a Blu-ray of the film itself, giving you the opportunity to watch as you read. So while this book is really just another way to help market the film's home release, it's in the spirit of the movie itself: tasteless, hilarious and truly bizarre.

Check out a few sample pages and just tell us this isn't cool:

Drafthouse Films/Magnet
Drafthouse Films/Magnet

The book is available now at the Drafthouse Films website, but act fast! These probably won't last too long. Meanwhile, 'The ABCs of Death 2' has been announced and looks likely to arrive next year.

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