Jimmy Fallon continues his love of 80s nostalgia on 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' and recently invited singer Alicia Keys on to sing the theme song to 'Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears' on stage. It was...interesting?

Without telling the crowd what to expect, Fallon introduced Keys (who's out promoting her new album, 'Girl on Fire') who began a soulful rendition of the cartoon theme song. It's one of the best cartoon theme songs around (how did it not make this list of the best TV theme songs of all-time?!) and we were excited to hear Keys' version but it doesn't really work.

It's funny and cute (especially as you wait for the audience to catch on to what Keys is singing) but as a song, it just doesn't work. As one commenter on YouTube put it, it's like a song someone would sing at the Gummi Bears' funeral. But if nothing else, this is an excuse to post the 'Gummi Bears' theme song and start singing along (lyrics provided below).

Dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,
Faithful and friendly,
With stories to share.
All through the forest,
They sing out in chorus,
Marching along,
As their song fills the air.

Gummi Bears,
Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure that's beyond compare,
They are the Gummi Bears.

Magic and mystery,
Are part of their history,
Along with the secret,
Of gummiberry juice.
Their legend is growing,
They take pride in knowing,
They'll fight for what's right,
In whatever they do.


(Repeat first verse)


Gummi Bears,
When a friend's in danger they'll be there,
Lives and legends that we all can share,
They are the Gummi Bears,
They are the Gummi Bears,
They are the Gummi Bears!