Far be it from us to speculate on the ins and outs of Hollywood nightlife, but Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan are definitely making good bedfellows these days. Not only did Sheen publicly help Lohan out of a tax jam and share the spotlight in bed for an upcoming appearance in 'Scary Movie 5,' but now we're hearing Lohan will swing by Sheen's FX comedy 'Anger Management,' of course playing herself. Find out how Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan end up in bed together this time inside!

There may be little end to 'Anger Mangement's' ongoing 90-episode run, but that doesn't mean its future is train-wreck free. Outlets are reporting that troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has booked a guest appearance on the FX sitcom for April, playing herself as per a recent stint on 'Glee.'

According to the reports, Lohan will strike up a relationship with Sheen's character Charlie Goodson after being ordered anger management therapy. The appearance will air in April, appropriate timing given the release of 'Scary Movie 5.' Lohan isn't the only major star to drop by the series either, as this week's episode will see 'The Voice' judge Cee-Lo Green putting in an appearance as himself.

What say you? Will Lohan fare better on TV this time around than with 'Liz & Dick'? How would you like to see the actress revitalize her career after 'The Canyons'? Tell us if you're still watching 'Anger Management' in the comments!