Another year, another iPhone model. However, this year Apple shook things up by introducing two new models, the impressively spec'd iPhone 5S and the budget friendly iPhone 5C.

First things first, both of the new iPhones will come loaded with iOS 7. The new operating system comes Sep. 18 to other devices like the iPhone 4+, iPad 2+, iPad mini, and 5th gen iPod Touch.

Introduced first was the iPhone 5C, a new iPhone for the budget conscious consumer. Available in green, blue, yellow, white or red polycarbonate casing, the 5C features a  4-inch retina display and an A6 processor. There's also an 8MP rear camera, and a new FaceTime HD camera on the front.

The iPhone 5C will be available in two sizes: 16GB for $99 and a 32GB model for $199. Both prices are only offered with a two-year contract at your provider of choice. "It's simpler, more essential, more capable, and more colorful," designer Jonny Ive said. "We believe the iPhone is an experience." The iPhone 5 C arrives on Sep. 20, but you can pre-order starting on Sep. 13.


For those not worried about their wallets, and more interested in technologically advanced mobile devices, Apple also introduced the iPhone 5S. Available in gold, black and silver, this is the update to last year's iPhone 5, the best-selling iPhone of all time.

Powering the iPhone 5S is an all-new A7 64-bit processor. The CPU and GPU are twice as fast as the iPhone 5. Even more impressively, the A7 CPU is 40 times faster than the original iPhone, and its GPU is 56 times faster than the phone that started it all. The A7 is joined by the M7 motion co-processor, which measures motion data like the accelerometer, the gyroscope and compass continuously.

As for games, Epic announced Infinity Blade 3. It will launch alongside the iPhone 5S, and is the first 64-bit mobile game on iOS. The sequel features eight worlds and two playable characters. Epic claimed each world is bigger than first game was in its entirety.

Also introduced was the rumored Touch ID functionality. The fingerprint scanner tech is built right into the home button. You can make purchases on iTunes just by touching your finger to the scanner.

Three models of the iPhone 5S will be offered: a 16GB for $199, a 32GB for a $299 and a 64GB for $399 with a two-year contract. The iPhone 5S will be available on Sep. 20. Both new iPhones will launch in the U.S., Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the U.K.

Via Engadget