The hype from 'Arrested Development' season 4 seems to have largely died down, whether by problems inherent to Netflix's all-at-once model or the mediocre reception of the new episodes, but series creator Mitch Hurwitz still has plenty to say on the revived series' past, present and future. For instance, did you know a gag cut from the season could have starred Hollywood A-lister George Clooney?

'Arrested Development' season 4 (if it can so be called) introduced a broad spectrum of new characters and guest stars, but it seems an appearance from Clooney ultimately never made it past the planning phase. Hurwitz recently spoke to reporters on the reception to the fourth outing of 'Arrested Development,' wherein he revealed his inspiration for a goof on the Romneys, which would have involved Clooney in a manner that ultimately never came together:

George Sr. has this land in Mexico and [he] was going to be constantly spooked and chased off the land by these really handsome men — we were going to get people like George Clooney. And they’d be like, ‘Who are these guys? Who are these Mexicans that are trying to get us off their property?’ And at one point [one of the men was] going to say, ‘We are the Mexican Romneys!’

We enjoyed the George Sr. episodes the least out of the bunch, though this hypothetical cameo might have made for an interesting reprise of 'Arrested Development''s repeated gag of celebrity appearances. In any case, Hurwitz once again reiterated that no official deals have been made for either a fifth season or a movie, but that he'd happily sign on once the time came.

Well, what say you? Do you think another big celebrity gag could have benefitted 'Arrested Development' season 4? How did you enjoy the 15 new episodes?