Boy, that Gyp Rosetti just can't keep a lid on it, can he?  Though last week's somewhat slower 'Boardwalk Empire' outing "Spaghetti & Coffee" saw Bobby Cannavale's gangster character largely keeping his overactive temper in check, this Sunday's upcoming episode "Bone For Tuna" will likely prove even more explosive as Nucky is forced to negotiate with Gyp to continue his bootlegging business.  But as the newest clips from the episode have us asking, who's really in control here?

'Boardwalk Empire' has a score to settle as the HBO gangster series heads into its third episode of the season "Bone For Tuna," which sees mobster Gyp Rosetti once again making life difficult for Nucky and his associates by assuming control of a crucial town whose roads their liquor enterprise sorely needs to supply its thirsty New York associates.  But while Gyp seemingly holds all the cards, Will he find any new allies in Nucky's enemies?

The first clip from Sunday's episode features Gyp interacting with Gillian Darmody (Gretchen Mol), whom we know to have quite a score to settle with Nucky for costing her her only son Jimmy.  Gyp seems to have his own interest in her as well, so might we be seeing the beginning of a new alliance?

The next clip of "Bone For Tuna" (sound it out) features Nucky meeting with the man himself to try and hash out their disagreements over Nucky's business dealings, but in expected fashion, Gyp isn't so easily assuaged by Nucky's visit.

Check out the clips below, and tell us in the comments what youthink of 'Boardwalk Empire' season 3 thus far!