We've officially passed the midway point of the first eight-episode stretch of 'Breaking Bad's final season, and while nothing particularly crazy has taken place, emotions are running high and the meth is bound to hit the fan any day now. So before things start getting bloody in the ominously titled "Dead Freight," how would you like a sneak peek of not one, but two brand-new clips?

Gus Fring is dead, but the troubles are far from over for Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. After last night's "Fifty-One," Skyler has firmly sided against her husband, and made it clear her intentions to keep the children away from Walt. You know who's not going to be happy about that? Walter Jr.! After all, he needs to be in that house, with a distinct line of sight to breakfast at all times.

Of course, Walter Jr. is going to be his typical teenage self, mouthing off to Hank and Marie and openly defying his parents by locking himself in his bedroom, but just imagine how bad things would get if he knew the truth! His father cooks meth and blows people up, while his mother launders the money and battles her husband in a power struggle! Ignorance is bliss.

Check out these two brand-new clips from next week's "Dead Freight," and tell us what you think is going to happen in the next three episodes of 'Breaking Bad' in the comments below!