With only two episodes remaining in the current half of 'Breaking Bad' season 5, the meth could hit the fan any moment.  While we were lucky to make it through last night's "Buyout" without any major casualties, can we really be safe for long?  Walter White seems like the man with the plan, but how long until his intellect runs dry?  The latest clip from next week's "Say My Name" puts Walter on the spot, and he may not have the backup he's used to.

'Breaking Bad' season 5 is almost at its midway point as we brace for the season's seventh episode in "Say My Name," so how about an early sneak peek?  The show has released the first clip from next week's episode, which features Walter White being driven to meet with Mike's buyer Declan, presumably to lay out his master plan for keeping Mike and Jesse's $5 million, yet retaining his share of the methlyamine.

But just what is Walter's play, enough that Mike would have spared his life once more for its seeming brilliance?  Why not simply kill Walter in "Buyout," and sell his share of the methlyamine?  The answer will surely come in next week's "Say My Name," but something tells us things won't run so smoothly for the New Mexican meth kingpin.

Check out the first clip from "Say My Name" below, and tell us how you think the final two episodes of the half-season will play out in the comments!