'Breaking Bad' Series Finale: Bryan Cranston Weighs in on Dream Theory, Plus Read Final Script Pages!


Though 'Breaking Bad' came to a close less than a month ago with series finale "Felina," we're still yearning for the days of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman's wacky adventures in meth-making. To that end, series star Bryan Cranston has finally weighed in on the popular dream theory that pervades discussion of the finale, while the final script pages from "Felina" have made their way online to offer illumination as well

Speaking to USA Today, Cranston corroborated series creator Vince Gilligan's earlier words in denying that the entirety of series finale "Felina" was implied to have taken place in Walter White's head as a dying dream. "I don't think he intended to do that," Cranston bluntly chuckled off in response to questions about Gilligan's dreamlike finale.

Further supporting the fantastic, if fantastical finale are leaked script pages from "Felina," photographed by a Reddit user from The Writers Guild Foundation's exhibit at the Austin Film Festival. Directions for the final scenes read with a strongly personal tone, albeit one that in no way implies anything about the finale had been intended as fantasy. In particular, Jesse's fate was left upbeatly open-ended, saying "From here on, it's up to us to say where he's headed. I like to call it 'something better' and leave it at that."

We've included the two script pages from 'Breaking Bad's finale below, but what say you? Are you still of the mind that "Felina" had a hidden meaning as Walter White's dream? How did you think the episode wrapped up the AMC drama?

cardiganointment, Reddit
cardiganointment, Reddit
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