As quickly as style-conscious men (including all of those documented in Morgan Spurlock's crazy new documentary 'Mansome') devoured 'Mad Men' for its overabundance of striped bow ties and fedoras, so too are they going after 'The Great Gatsby.' It turns out, though, that men don't have to look too far to copy Leonardo DiCaprio's suave swagger because it all came from Brooks Brothers.

Women's Wear Daily got the first look at the movie's wardrobe and sketches, which included authentic re-creations of classic '20s-era tuxes, pin-striped jackets and preppiness galore. Oscar-winning costume designer Catherine Martin partnered closely with Brooks Brothers, delving deep into its vast archives to create more than 500 outfits for the entire cast.

It really comes as no surprise that Jay Gatsby will represent the retailer on the big screen, considering both that his character tends to get a little too pocket square happy and that Fitzgerald mentions Brooks Brothers many times in the original novel. "It was this most basic and fundamental connection that has made our collaboration so authentic," Martin told WWD.

What people want to know now (and by "people" we mean those guys who spend too much time shopping for Banana Republic's 'Mad Men' collection) is if there'll be a 'Great Gatsby' Brooks Brothers line to purchase in the future. If so, would you wear it?

Take a peak at what DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire and the rest of the cast will be wearing onscreen come the film's December release date.