The Great Gatsby

‘The Great Gatsby’ Plus Cats Equals ‘The Great Catsby’
We know what would solve 'The Great Gatsby's' mixed reviews -- replacing the entire cast with cats! Not that we're blaming the acting, we're just saying it would be a movie of cats in tuxedos drinking at parties. Can you even imagine all the shiny objects they would get distracted by? Cat flappers? …
‘The Great Gatsby’ Review
Well, you did it Baz Luhrmann. Even with an enormous budget, outrageous costumes, beautiful actors, native 3D and a camera that can fly around and do just about anything, you still made watching 'The Great Gatsby' just as boring as sitting through 8th period English.
‘The Great Gatsby’ Shows Off in Style in Seven New Clips
It's nearly the summer season (at least for movies), so it's surprising how quiet 'The Great Gatsby' has been in selling itself. Sure, it's going to be opening the Cannes film festival, but it's not being sold as a tentpole summer event picture. Regardless, the film has…

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