A recession-struck real estate agent ends up in the middle of a Mexican drug war. Sounds like a comedy, right? Well, that's the set-up for 'Agent: Century 21' which has Cameron Diaz and Benicio Del Toro attached to star. The film is set to be helmed by first-timer Adam Hashemi, a Danish commercial and music video director.

This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, and they note that it's also got Shane Black attached to produce. It looks like Black's already got more power in Hollywood even before 'Iron Man 3' comes out. Diaz would play the put upon real estate agent, and it's likely that Del Toro will play one of the drug lords, surely the one who takes her hostage.

Of course, Diaz can handle herself on both the action and comedy fronts - she's done it with the 'Charlie's Angels' movies and less successfully in 'Knight and Day.' With that plot it's hard to say how funny this movie will be (it's pitched as an action-comedy), but it reminds of one of Benicio Del Toro's earlier films. That film is  'Excess Baggage,' in which Del Toro becomes the unintentional kidnapper of Alicia Silverstone.

Note: this may be the first time anyone has mentioned 'Excess Baggage' in the 21st century.